DIY Smart Phone Handlebar Mount Hack

DIY Smart Phone Handlebar Mount Hack

My DIY Cell Phone Handlebar Mount Let’s face it, even some of us retro grouches are riding with smart phones.  And for good reason.  Maybe you’re playing your favorite tunes, using navigation or route trackers, or perhaps you just want some place safer for you phone than in your pocket while you ride - I know I’ve saved mine a few times as it tries to wiggle out of my pocket on a ride.  Doesn’t matter the reason, having a handy and secure place to keep your cell phone while you ride your bicycle is now almost as important as carrying a water bottle. Now I’ve been trying hard to find a great mount. Mostly I was trying to find a design I could manufacture and sell, but that is problematic.  Each phone is sized differently, and I doubt that any time soon that there will ever be a “standardized” size for such devices.  And as such, you are either forced to design something that is adjustable which greatly reduces the grip of the holder (I tried a couple mods of adjustable car holders before settling on this design) or you need to make numerous designs for every cell phone out there which is well beyond my budget in terms of designing and manufacturing. And yes, you can simply buy one. But they tend to be pricey, and looking at the reviews for most of them on-line, few seem like they do a very good job.  Of course the best ones costs the most, some nearly as much as phones purchased with a contract cost.  Then there are various... read more

Introducing a line of apparel to the website.

powered bySpreadshirt Stop the Carnage Just now introducing my line of bicycle related apparel.  For now most the offerings are old vintage poster art, though I do have a few of my own designs as well - and more on the way.  I have also decided until the end of the year (2015) to donate 10% of the profits of the sales through Spreadshirt to Bikes For Humanity PDX.  I do plan on continuing this practice past this year, though I may wish to spread the wealth (or lack of it) by that time. I have long been wanting to take their master classes and do some volunteer work with them, however - my schedule is often problematic for attending such a regularly scheduled events like this.  Also I prefer keeping my money local, and considering I only live a few miles away from their storefront, it doesn’t get much more local than this. You can also click on the link on my home page to get to my spreadshirt shop where I have done some of the designing for you.  On standard shirts I put the images on the front.  For those shirt designs that are more activity related, the images were placed on the back where they’ll be more likely seen while doing things like riding a bicycle.  The great thing about spreadshirt, is that if you like you can design your own products with the graphics (for a price of course).  So if you’d rather have a graphic on the back of a regular t-shirt you can easily do that too. You can also add your... read more

Talking Helmets with the Forest Grove Fire Department

I was asked by the Forest Grove Fire Department how I thought I might improve their messaging when dealing with bicycle accidents after a small flurry of tweets on their reporting of a collision where an automobile overtook a bicycle rider, my focus was on their organizations mentioning of the riders lack of helmet use. I did edit a few punctuation and spelling errors in my original message - and there are likely a few more. {}=added content after email was sent. “Thanks for the back in forth. In some ways I really hate twitter, the whole 144 limit makes things seem so frantic sometimes, and thanks for understanding that. Rather than go down a long list of items {haha I do exactly this} , I simply wish that helmet use of those involved in bicycle related collisions be omitted. I know you’re job is public safety, and so it seems like you’re doing a public service by promoting helmet use, but the sad fact is that helmet effectiveness despite 20+ years {actually more like 40} of promotion and quite frankly misleading statistics on it’s effectiveness, is still under great debate. Most European countries discourage their use. Why is this? It’s because though helmets might have some benefits on an individual basis they have determined that the loss of ridership (which is very well documented) when stressing helmet use isn’t worth the overall health benefits of their citizens. By promoting the bicycle their populations get leaner, and more healthy. They (the country/city) benefit more by its citizens being less prone to obesity, heart and lung diseases, and other diseases... read more

A Quick Shout Out For My Wife

It’s been hard to keep this a secret, but now I can safely announce that my wife aka rubygirl has been busy working this last couple weeks making five sets of seven custom head badges for promoting the “Seven Bikes for Seven Wonders” campaign for Travel Oregon.  In this exciting promotion they will be hiding 7 handmade bicycles made by 7 of Oregons finest bicycle builders in or around the seven wonders of our amazing state. Each head badge represents one of the seven wonders and the bike associated with that wonder. They are acid etched nickel made right here in her home studio in SE Portland.  It was requested that they be kept flat for framing and display purposes. One set was give to Kate Brown the Governour of Oregon. Still no word on the lucky recipients of the the other four sets. I would also like to that Laura at Path Less Pedaled for the referral. You can keep up to date on the promotion by following the Travel Oregon website or by following the #7bikes7wonders on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m proud and excited that our family is a part of this great campaign promoting our amazing state and of course one of my favorite things the bicycle. facebook Twitter Google+ tumblr Instagram Pinterest   external link to my wife’s jewelry shop rubygirl   facebook Twitter Google+ tumblr Instagram... read more

Gimme Five…The Method For Riding on Sharrows and Greenways.

Here in Portland there has been much talk lately of the Greenways.  For those that don’t know what a greenway or sharrow is (pretty much the same road design) it’s a road in which the city has ordained to be bicycle friendly.  On these roads the city paints a variation of the classic bicycle with two chevrons or arrow over it - other places have the “bicycle-in-house” layout where the bicycle is inside an arrow that looks like a kids drawing of a house. Granted- it isn’t a flashy road improvement, and many people - both bicycle riders and automobile drivers, don’t seem to like them.  There have been traffic surveys that show increased growth in bicycle traffic along with automobile traffic.  And studies are mixed on how much risk to the bicycle rider is involved with their implementation, but it should be noted the effects of various studies on their effects on safety are pretty minimal in either direction.  But for some reason they get a bad rap, and I honestly can’t see where the criticism is deserved. I live and frequently ride near a couple of this Portland’s most popular greenways. and as such I suspect they’re likely some of the highest traveled in the country.  In general, they’re one of my favorite bicycle infrastructure improvements, they’re cheap, effective, and for the most part give pretty good access to many commercial districts - sure it isn’t direct access, but a block away isn’t too bad. And I’m disheartened by the fact that the city of Portland is willing to experiment with weird bicycle lane designs, like contraflow lines... read more
About the Shop

About the Shop

Perhaps you’ve noticed my little advertisements on the side featuring the Gutter Bunny line of jewelry. This is a collaborative (if you can really say that my suggestions of images is collaborating) effort between my wife and I who is rubygirl jewelry.  All of her work is handmade by her with my occasional help on some the processes. She has been a long standing local leader and advocate in the Portland craft, handmade, and Maker movement.  Most likely you have seen her work locally, she has been a consistent supplier of jewelry to many of Portland’s most popular gift and jewelry shops. The TV series Grimm has used her work, and Dan Lin producer of the Lego Movie has worn her work at all the big red carpet award ceremonies this year. 2013 and 2014 a few of the etched pendants were donated to “Filmed by Bike” raffle, and she has also custom designed pins for the “Portland Society“. This is just the beginning, though it may start out slow, we are both working on this line.  The jewelry line will likely be expanding, as will the future product range. I also plan on adding a some bicycle parts specifically aimed at the vintage bicycle... read more
A Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction

<please note this is an unedited rough draft - I’m not a very good writer I spend more editing than I do writing> In essence I’m just a guy that likes to ride bicycles. At 44 years old, I’ve pretty much spent my entire life on a bicycle to various degrees. As a kid I was a paperboy for the Detroit News, for most my 20’s I relied on a bicycle for nearly all my transportation needs. From the age of 16 to about my 21st birthday I did have a car and didn’t ride a bicycle much at all - I was in Detroit after all but even then my time spent in college at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania- I didn’t drive much the town and campus was small enough that even a bicycle was kind of overkill.  Other than that, I didn’t really have a car until after I got married and had kids, but even now - though my job won’t afford me the luxury to commute by bicycle, I still use one (of many) for basic errands and pleasure riding. I was born in the Bible Belt, raised in what they’d call a “free range” method in the Rust Belt and dropped my anchor in Portland in August of 1992. I don’t have an impressive list of degrees, I am an art school dropout. But like Frank Zappa said so well at one time “If you want a degree - go to college, if you want an education - go to the library”. Honestly, when I was in school I likely would have stuck with... read more

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